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Ari Shomron

About Ari Shomron

Born in 1955 in Sweden to parents who served in the Israeli Diplomatic core. The family was in constant move also stationed in Moscow, London and Washington D.C. Ari grew up in Jerusalem, was an officer in the army, married Vered in 1980 they moved to study in New York City. He received his Master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU.

He worked in this field in The New York City Computer Department and then joined Tadiran in Israel in 1985. He continued to develop Pelsid Ltd and established Nova-Tek Technologies.

During all the years Ari designed and created artistic furniture. In 2005 he began a journey with his family that spanned almost 7 years, the majority being in Palo Alto California and Buenos Aires Argentina. In both locations he attended professional courses in carpentry and metal welding, taught carpentry and exhibited his art works. In 2012 the family returned to Israel. Ari opened a workshop in Mitzpe Ramon in Southern Israel where he lives, designs and produces his artwork.

In 2015, joining forces with Ayala Azulay, Ari opened the AZUL Gallery in his former label factory in the Florentin neighborhood of Southern Tel Aviv. He took part in the design and renovation of the gallery, where some of his works are currently on display. Today the gallery is owned and managed solely by Ayala.

He is married to Vered who is a multidisciplinary artist. They have six children.