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Bar from a Textile Machine

Bar from a Textile Machine

When we constructed the Azul Gallery in Tel Aviv, which resides in a textile label-printing company, one of the machines from the 60's was too heavy and costly to remove. We decided to convert it into a bar. Some machine parts were removed for safety and convenience. Hence, the base is the cutting machine. The bar stools I made from scratch, yet machine parts are embodied in them. The seat and the bar top are made from salvaged wood that some 40 years ago comprised a steep staircase that served visitors who used it to descend from the top of the cliff of Machtesh Ramon, the largest crater of its kind or climb up it. These wooden boards have survived extreme weather conditions from a scorching desert summer sun to below zero freezing nights.


Additional Information


180 kg


90W x 295L x 112H cm, Bar Stools: 35W x 35L x 80H cm


Old cutting machine and slavaged pine wood


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