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“Cafe con Leche”

August 30, 2015 Exhibitions at Azul 1
“Cafe con Leche”

Ever since I began to create furniture I had an unexplained fetish for coffee tables. Maybe the fact that they are low and hold solid ground on 4 legs reminded me to be anchored to earth as all my life I was in constant movement and travel.

Even if a certain table has an organic contour line and not necessarily a geometric one, the continuous closed line gives me a sense of wholeness, a completed circle, a rewarded done- deal. The table-top seemingly floats in air, but is firmly connected from underneath to the surface, an analogy to my Yoga practices where the head aims to reach the sky while the legs in an opposite force are rooted deeply in earth. These are probably the two worlds in which I dwell and function.

In the Chinese culture, metal and wood are two of the five elements that make up the universe. I am fascinated by the combination of materials and often add to metal and wood also glass, stone, paper and other materials and objects such as books and machine parts. By me, all materials and objects are legitimate elements for my recycled artistic creation. The four years I spent in California and my travels in South America reinforced my inclination to work with recycled materials and by using them I reincarnate them, maybe giving them new life.