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Printed Pallet-blocks Coffee Table – Wooden base

Printed Pallet-blocks Coffee Table – Wooden base

Each common pallet contains 9 wooden blocks that serve as dividers between the top and bottom base. between them slide in the 2 metal forks of the fork-lift vehicle that picks up the pallet and its load. The print on the blocks is meant for identifying the pallet, making it easier to trace and move around. The printed blocks I collect come from numerous pallets I specifically take apart in order to preserve them. They include information such as country of origin, if they have been heat-treated (HT), etc. The collage they form when grouped together are the base for this work and similar works in this series.
The thick tempered glass used to be a top of an old coffee table.


Additional Information


35 kg


77 W x 83 L x 33 H cm


Original printed pallet blocks, pallet boards, salvaged tempered glass top


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